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Bandung The Right Choice To End Your Night

Kamis, 25 Desember 2008

Bandung Night Life

Bandung is the capital of West Java, Indonesia. It is located on a higher elevation about 180 kms southeast of Jakarta. There is a connecting flight from Jakarta or Bali to Bandung, but it is more fun to get to the city by land. Either you drive or take a train you will be entertained with views of ricefields, rivers, and small towns in West Java.

The mountain range that surrounds Bandung adds to the cooler climate of the city compared to other places in tropical Indonesia. Bandung hosts a wide range of natural scenery, including massive tea plantations, dormant volcanoes, and hot springs. Bandung is also well known for Sundanese arts and folklore. While you can enjoy Bandung natural and historic places during the day, you can certainly kick back and relax in the evening with Bandung's irresistible nightlife and food. Both travelers and residents are fans of the variety of food in Bandung.

Bandung have many place location for end your night with your friend or your girl friend. You can choose what you where going to end your night with this one :
Bandung have many place for clubbing you can choose.
This is the place for clubbing :
1. Amare
Location at Sumatera street,exactly at traffic light veteran street, Open
Bottle in this place,really cheap from the other clubbing place in bandung
550rb before 00.00 pm (2 Black lable) free entry if you have friend who work
in this place,heheheeee.....
comunity:teenagers n excecutif, music:techno,r & B

2. Amnesia
Location at PAskal Building Hyper square, comunity:Teenagers middle up,
mayority one class on the amare, Open Bottle 475rb an/smirnoff a bottle

3. Studio East & Tropicana
Location Cihamplas street, at premier plaza building 5th floor, techno, & music with new concept clubbing n new building.

For special day we can find STRIP dancers if we are lucky.....
Location at Sudirman street, in this place very easy to get girl for fun
or have sex just for one night stand, because the clubbers is the worker
from paramount karaoke, panti pijat, bispak2, but for open bottle in here so
exspensive (350rb only get 1 pitcher illusion), paramount karaoke the girl
PATEN n so hot n will make we so burned....!!

Gardu jati, seberang Saritem, (the situation same like planet 2010)

Jl.Braga, perempatannya ke jl.tamblong (the situation same like planet 2010
n sirkuit)

Jl.Braga, dekat apotik kimia farma, (kumpulan komunitas anak2 musik
undergroundnya bdg, kebanyakan model musiknya hiphop)

Braga citiwalk building, the situation same like amare

high class girl in here, at DAGO street ,BPR KS building,beside cafe OLALA,

Location in KOSAMBI, this place not to bad for weekend or have fun...n
guide singer have good voice n have a nice body...i guarantee u will be back
go to this place if ur visited this place......

at Sunda street,so coozy this place..., n this place have a stripp dance too
if we are get the lucky......

at sukajadi street ( near apartement setiabudi ) here place
many om hidung belang and tante girang open everyday from monday till sunday,
and the news this place always have strip dance

13. Cafe Rumput in Braga
Location in Braga street, with design building art deco n we can enjoy the
love song n memories song...and we can request for play our song in
don't pass it.

14. Embassy
The other clubbing in bandung is Embassy with progressif music n many
teenagers go to this clubbing, so we can find n looking around for blind date
or just for fun...

INFO: Pada intinya tempat2 clubbers or karaoke ini, jam bubaran byk sekali
cewek2 bispaknya beserta GM2nya, begitu juga kalau didalamnya yg penting
kalian bisa control uang, jgn sampai keluar uang tp ga dapet apa2, TO
THE POINT AJA!!, pintar speak2 & penampilan menarik.. PASTI KEMUNGKINAN

This is the other choice for you visiting in the night at Bandung :

Braga Disco
Like anywhere in the world, Bandung's youth love to get out on the dance floor and shake it up. Just off Jl Braga, Braga Disco is a safe bet for loud music, dark corners and people-watching.

Dago Thee Huis

At the end of Jl Merdeka, Jl Juanda climbs up to Dago Hill to the north, overlooking the city. The famous, but faded, Dago Thee Huis offers views through the forest of power lines and radio towers and is a fine place to catch the sunset. The complex has an outdoor theatre and an indoor theatre further down the hill where cultural events are sometimes held.


Big bright pool hall filled with a local rather than expat atmosphere.

Fame Station
Like anywhere in the world, Bandung's youth love to get out on the dance floor and shake it up. Fame Station is a busy dance club on the 11th floor of the Lippo Centre Building.

North Sea Bar
The beer flows into the wee small hours at this expat and bar-girl hangout.

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